In 1996, a group of students and one teacher came together in the wood shop at Rancocas Valley Regional High School. They were met with a challenge, a challenge to create and construct a fully functional robot. Under the guidance of "Schmitty," the students' talents melded together and from the depths of the Rancocas Valley came a metallic monster: Diablo

Ready to face whatever came their way, the team took on competitions. In the years to come, the growth of the team would exceed any expectations. With the help of John Jefferies--a science teacher--Dave Baril, George Marchant, Dave Carvin, and Ed Hartsough, Diablo made even further bounds towards greatness.

In 2004, John Jefferies stepped down to Harvey Hans, a technology teacher, and Don Arter, an industrial arts teacher. These two intuitive teachers seized the initiative and recreated what was the old Diablo: a new broadband-ready Diablo, with dual paddles and a little fiery tomato.

Then, in the 2005 season, Diablo took on a new look. Led by Michael Ambrozaitis (curable by penicillin), Diablo became the Lord of the Dance, took control, and led the way for new teams by creating a look to die for. Being the first year team 87 used pnue...pneu...air cylinders, the whole challenge became that much more challenging.

The 2006 year held a new challenge for Diablo. Led by Harvey Hans, Don Arter, George Marchant, and new advisor Roy Montana, along with the team presidents Mike Ambrozaitis and Jeff Dennis, Diablo made great strides towards victory. Team 87 gained glory in the regional events, as well as the Georgia Championship.

As 2007 approached, Harvey Hans stood alone in leading the team. However, Diablo had gained multiple new Lockheed engineers. With an abundance of new members, in addition to the engineers, the team faced a large adjustment. While the beginning of the year held turmoil, the team pulled together and the year finished off with an abundance of inspired students and broken-in mentors.

During the 2008 season, we were officially recognized as a team, not a club, by our school. This task was a large jump for us within the school and represented the respect all our hard work deserves. Furthermore, this was the first time any of us can remember having our bot finished ahead of schedule, and under weight!

We have just started the 2009 season, and again, have gained many new members. We are excited about the upcoming season, and are looking forward to our big event for Fall -- Battle of the Bands!


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