Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
The CAD Team's main purpose is to document the robot while it is being built. This helps the build team when they are making changes to the robot and need to refer to old plans. Also, the CAD Team can prototype certain ideas for the robot without all the effort of actual construction.

Chassis Team
The Chassis Team is an integral portion of build. It focuses on the more specific building of the chassis rather than the robot holistically. The chassis is the base of the robot and the part that includes wheels so the robot can drive around. —Jessica

Construction Team
If you are thinking about joining the build sub-team, there are a couple things you should know. First, our name speaks for itself; we build the robot. Second, all ideas are accepted and deliberated upon, whether you are a veteran member or a rookie member of the team; don’t ever be afraid to give your opinion. Third, be extremely dedicated, because after you join the build team, your work won’t ever be finished until you graduate. Lastly, have fun and get to know everyone that’s on the team, because you’ll be spending a lot of time with us. —Pennington

Drive Team
The Drive Team drives the robot out on the field in competition. On the field, the team makes sure the robot is on and has charged batteries. This team also determines the strategies to use with the robot and consults with other teams to develop a game plan for their match. The drivers must have a strong knowledge of the rules of the game so that they do not commit penalties. During the build season, the Drive Team is selected through a tryout to determine whose driving skill and style fits with the competition. Also during build season, this team works with the control systems team to find comfortable controls. —Russell

Electronics Team
The Electronics Team members are the people who give the robot its brain. Without them, you would basically have a robot that would be filled with potential and nothing else. They make the robot deliver. They create the electronics board and the controls the Drive Team uses to operate the robot. The Electronics Team also does all the programing for the drive controls and the various other things that will be necessary during competition, such as autonomous mode. We give the Robot Moxy. —Ignacio

Graphics Team
The Graphics team is more commonly known as "Grafiximo" (a term coined by Alan Kriegel, previous Grafiximo guru), and the Graphics team lead is often referred to as "grafiximo guru" or "grafiximo goddess" (depending on gender). We are responsible for all beautifying aspects for the team, and manage and create merchandise for giveaways. This team strives to create inspired and professional material, keeping in mind the creative guidelines of graphic design, as well as the overall look of the team. —Jessica

History Team
The History sub-team falls under the direction of the Administrative Director. Those who join this team are required to obtain, manage, and edit team media. Minions of this team may also be subjected to the task of preparing entries for various FIRST awards. —Emily

Pit Team
The Pit team handles much of the organization within the team’s working environment. This team is in charge of cleaning the cage and gathers and packs everything the team needs for traveling. During competitions, it is this group that sets up and decorates the pit. Disassembling the Pit after an event is another charge of the Pit crew. —Schaffer

Prototyping Team
In the first week of build season, we start brainstorming and prototyping. The prototyping team builds different models of what the robot might look like in the end. From there, we inspect the different models so that we can finalize our design and build a final robot based upon them.

Safety Team
During the build season, you’ll see me helping the build team and hovering over activity to make sure that everyone is following the safety rules. The safety rules are of utmost importance; if you don’t follow them, you risk being kicked off the team. I don’t care what you’re doing on the robot, be it clipping zip ties, zipping zip ties, tightening bolts, etc; wear your safety goggles! —Scotty

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