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A Team 87 tradition, anything memorable that someone says during robotics time is saved. As a courtesy to those who are not, but wish to be, insane, they are here to view.


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1 In response to "How did you build [the robot]?" We got a bunch of metal and a bunch of plastic and threw it in a pile and wished really hard!
- Pennington
2 -Hey Justin could I be an actor? -No maybe a stuntman. -A guy who gets paid minimum wage to do life threatening activities? -Yes it suits your behavior. -I like the way you think.
- Robert to Justin
3 Last thing I would EVER WANT TO DO to is make Robert really mad after a Halo game!
- TJ
4 Bad Scotty!!! Give me back my BUTTERFINGER!!!
- Ben
5 Holy heck- I didnt know that thing could shoot!
- Carl
- Scotty
7 You are genius!
- Robert
8 Now, TJ, Kangaroos do not make monkey sounds. I know, I watch the Discovery Channel.
- Robert
9 Poonis-Poonis-Poonis on myspace
- Tj
10 Now tell me again, what is an updownatude? and a turnatude? ....only Ignacio
- Dornisch and ben
11 "IM NOT BEN WHITE!!!!!"
- Ben
12 It's stuff like this that makes me glad I don't know Rob
- Dornish
13 Things to do, revenge to take.
- Robert
14 Leah, you need more light in this Pit. Geez, I feel like a chinese industrial worker.
- Derrick
15 "Lies!"
- Carly
16 In response to Scotty's voices squeaky mid-sentence: "Looks like someone finally hit puberity!"
- Mickey
17 Ben: I thought you ate BJ? He's right there...
TJ: Well yah, I "did".
BJ: Im just glad he doesnt chew his food and has a high fiber diet.
- TJ, BJ, & Ben
- Scotty
19 Hmm Build season... sounds like a lot of work thats why i have friends to do it for me!
- Mini BJ
20 (after TJ said he ate BJ) I'm just glad for two things, that TJ doesn't chew his food, and that he has a lot of fiber in his diet.
- BJ to Ben

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